Booths & Prices

Exhibition Fee                                 

Shell Scheme Package (9 sq.m.)    

Rate: RMB 7800 YUAN .

Raw Space (Minimum 36 sq.m.)   

Rate: RMB 810 YUAN per sq.m                                 

Trade Visitor

Admission Fee: Free of charge

Remark: Trade visitors can obtain free admission by pre-registering online the registration link:http://www.regs.ciec.com.cn/rs/srt_91519_01/temp_redw_en.jsp

Click to download the application form.


Contact Person: Nick Pan

Phone:  0086 10 84600840

Fax:    0086 10 64671381

Email: adcexpo@126.com

Web-Site: www.adc-expo.com

CIEC Overseas Exhibition Company Limited